Unfortunately, many charitable projects are set up in a non-sustainable way, with foreign donors solely financing the project and no financial responsibility adopted by the beneficiaries. If the funds run out, which they usually do, the project cannot continue and those who were benefitting suffer as a result.

At HPP-Nepal we aim for sustainability with all our projects, presenting an exit plan to those we work with right from the beginning of our working relationship. This plan incorporates ways for the local people managing the project to eventually take financial responsibility for what we help set up.

We aid the establishment of income generating schemes to help achieve this long term aim of sustainability. Once set up and functioning, we gradually remove our input until we have exited the project and the local people are running it independently.

This is by no means easy, with many obstacles likely to be faced along the way but we are hugely passionate about avoiding dependence on finances from foreign sources and encouraging others to embrace their own skills and abilities to reach their aims.