SERC Residence Story Board

SERC school have now completed their custom designed home for children with disabilities. The spacious, excellent design, allows the children to move around the building with ease, giving them a level of independence which those using wheelchairs have never known before. 

The safe and functional kitchen gives the children a chance to be involved in cooking their meals, teaching them valuable skills for the future while large bedrooms provide comfortable places to socialise and play.

We're so thrilled to see these children from  very underprivileged families, all of whom can't live at home due to their disabilities or no longer have parents,  finally living in a safe, comfortable environment where they can thrive and prepare for an independent future where possible.

We'd like to say a massive thank you to all our supporters who helped us support this project, it couldn't have happened without you. 

You can view the story of the building work in the slideshow below...