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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation 

Hope & Challenge believe everyone should have an equal chance to recover from the terrible affliction of addiction. Unfortunately, many rehabilitation centres in Kathmandu operate purely as a business, charging high rates for treatment which many cannot afford.

They have a dream to be able to provide effective and long-lasting help to anyone struggling with addiction who's brave and driven enough to seek help. For this reason, Hope & Challenge, supported by Himalayan Peoples Project - Nepal, provide subsidised prices for treatment based on individual's circumstances and needs.

Effective, multi-dimensional treatment is provided in a conducive, friendly, approachable and supportive environment consisting of western programs supplemented by meditation and philosophy. 

​Courses of treatment last between 3-6 months costing from £210 to £420 (£17.50 per week; £70 per month).

On behalf of Hope & Challenge, Himalayan Peoples Project - Nepal would like to invite you to sponsor part of or a whole course of treatment for someone who is brave and driven enough to face their problems head on and try to live a happier and safer life for themselves and others.

Thank you!