It's very easy for those of us with a western education to believe we know best and can therefore do things better than those with a lower or no education living in developing countries.

Charities often fall into the trap of assuming they must take control of the in country management of projects, not trusting or not believing local people can manage on their own. This can create a sense of dependence, lack of self-confidence and disempowerment of local communities.

The well know adage 'give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him and his family for life' is relative well known and certainly rings true in many situations.

This has recently been adapted to recognising how teaching him to fish could also not be enough if the government takes away the local's rights to fish in the river or it becomes too polluted for the fish to survive. So teach a man the tools to adapt to challenges he might face in life and you will equip him to help not only his family but his community as a whole.

HPP-Nepal supports communities or individuals in ways which allow them to help themselves and others. We provide them with contacts, resources, education or whatever they might need to learn the tools to help themselves and their community deal with whatever challenges they are facing or may face in the future.

These talisman can then carry their communities into a brighter future with more belief and empowerment, giving other the confidence to follow suit.