Basanta is twelve years old and living with a disability. Both his parents work in a carpet factory which unfortunately doesn’t provide enough to pay for his education. On top of these difficulties Basanta also shoulders the responsibility of looking after his younger sister while his parents are at work

Mandira was separated from her mother when she was just one year old. Now eight, she lives with her granny who works as a fruit seller. Despite a very difficult start to life, Mandira is a very studious, hard working and loving child. She wishes to go to boarding school where she can make her dreams come true.

Suraj is a sixteen year old young man who lives with his mother and two siblings. Losing his father when he was young left his family hopeless and homeless. He is a very sincere student who loves to get involved in extra curricular activities. With his family unable to cover his education costs his future dreams were in doubt. His scholarship will give him renewed hope and invaluable opportunities for the future.

Prasama is a twelve years old with a shy nature. She already has many struggles in her life following her father’s death when she was young. Despite working hard as a labourer, her mother is unable to cover her educational costs and must resort to begging in the streets in her attempts to do so. She loves to dance with her friends, shows an interest in computers and dreams of becoming a good teacher.

Tenzing is just four years old but already lives a very difficult life. Sadly, her father struggles with drug addiction, leaving her mother as the only one in the family to take care of her. She works very hard in a carpet factory to feed and pay rent for her family, however there isn’t enough to cover Tenzing’s education. She is a charming little girl who loves to dance like a butterfly and dreams of being a teacher.

Meet the Children...

Hope & Challenge Education Scholarships

Ganesh is a nine year old who loves to ride his bicycle. He lives with his father, mother and elder sister. His father delivers gas cylinders whilst his mother suffers with poor mental health, leaving them unable to pay for Ganesh’s education

Mohan is a 12 year old whose home was completely destroyed in the recent earthquakes. Not only that, his parents have no choice but to sell watermelons on the streets, leaving them unable to pay for Mohan’s education. He loves to draw and sing and his scholarship will allow him to attend school and start dreaming of a brighter future.

Hope and Challenge, our local partner in Nepal who manage the project, will also support the parents find work or enter vocational training with a hope to empower them to retake control of their children's education. Himalayan Peoples Project Nepal are very dedicated to this cause and would like to call on our wonderful supporters to help us help them as we strive to raise money for their next year's education.

Please help us continue to support these children through the education every child deserves. 

Rebuilding Nepal isn't only about homes. Jobs have been lost with children now missing out on an education due to lack of money for school fees. Just £170 a year (£14.20 a month) can pay for a child to remain safely in school learning the skills to help rebuild Nepal in the future.

Attending school doesn't only provide a chance of employment later in life; it gives a safe place for children to spend the day, whilst avoiding the threat of falling into child labour or being trafficked into India and beyond; two very real threats.

Himalayan Peoples Project Nepal have offered a grant for one year's education for 15 children aged 4-16 to support children from some of the poorest families in Kathmandu who couldn't afford to keep their children in school. 

Sulav is ten years old and living in difficult conditions. Due to his father having problems with alcohol his mother is the only worker in the family leaving them unable to pay for Sulav’s education. He loves to play outdoor games and dreams of becoming a doctor to help others.

Meena is fourteen years old. She’s already had a turbulent and traumatic past which still continues now. She lives with her mother and two siblings. Her mother knits carpets for a living but cannot afford to cover Meena’s basic education costs. She is a very studious, hard working and loving young woman with an enthusiasm for sports. She wishes to go to boarding school to seek safety from her ongoing trauma where she hopes to realise her dreams.

Manoj is a very intelligent four year old. Like many others, the recent earthquakes in Nepal have left his parents struggling to pay for the bare essentials and unable to cover his education costs. He dreams to serve in the army, and loves to play outdoor games.

Shova is a very charming young girl whose father works abroad to help earn money for her family whilst her mother works in a carpet factory as a labourer. Unfortunately, due to low wages they are still unable to earn enough for the essentials, leaving them without proper food and education. Shova is an excellent student who loves to dance and dreams of becoming a dance teacher.

Kusum is 14 years old. She lives with her parents and younger sibling and loves to play and dance. Her parents work as labourers  with a monthly income hardly enough to provide basic needs and pay for their house rent. Needing to look after her younger brother whilst her parents are at work means Kusum is missing out on a normal childhood. Her scholarship provides the hope she dreams of for a better future.

Keesab is an eleven year old living with his parents and one sibling. Sadly, both parents suffer with serious medical conditions but must still work as labourers just to be able to survive. He is a very intelligent student who enjoys drawing and singing in his spare time. He is a very honest and charming child, always wanting to better himself. His scholarship will keep him in education, allowing him to do exactly that.

Rosemary is a 10 year old girl who excels in her studies. Her parents, one of whom suffers with mental illness and the other who works in a carpet factory are unable to pay for her education due to low wages. She is a caring girl who understands her parents problems. She loves to draw, dance and dreams of becoming a doctor to help others

Rojina is fifteen years and old living with her parents and two siblings. Despite working extremely hard in construction her parent’s low wages do not leave enough for their children's education. She loves to play basketball and badminton and dreams of becoming a doctor.

£10 = 2 weeks education for one child
£20 = 1 months education for one child
£35 = 2 months education for one child
£50 = 3 months education for one child
£100 = 6 months education for one child
£175 = 1 years education for one child

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