Other organisations including Kopan Helping Hands have focused on supplying much needed emergency relief to the area. Once the trail to the area was reopened, Himalayan Peoples Project - Nepal funded a team of volunteers to travel to area with zinc sheeting for new roofs. Whilst there, they cut many piles of new stones for reconstruction and rebuilt unsafe two-story buildings into safe one-story ones in their summer settlement. This provided a safe environment for them to live in during the monsoon which has now finished.

​Further zinc sheeting will soon be transported to the area to help rebuild houses in their winter village to create a safe environment for the winter.

Non of this would have been possible without the truly amazing support and kindness we were shown. It will never be forgotten by the Himalayan Peoples Project - Nepal team or the people of Rolwaling.

Rolwaling Valley Rebuilding Project

As a remote himalayan community close to the Tibetan border, the people of Rolwaling were already living very challenging lives before the earthquakes. With no substantial healthcare within a one day walk plus ten hour bus journey and a school where children were needing to sleep on classroom floors due to the lack of a hostel to house them, life was a struggle. However, they had their homes to shelter in and the prospect of a brighter future with Himalayan Peoples Project - Nepal about to help them build a new hostel for their school whilst researching starting a health post whilst other supporters started a water project to bring running water to all areas of the village.

Sadly, the epicentre of the second earthquake was in Dolakha district, very close to Rolwaling, destroying the homes that still stood after the first earthquake whilst causing more massive landslides which swept through homes and caused a severe head injury to one of the elderly residents. 

Photos: Emergency relief mission to Gorkha District

Kopan Monastery Helping Hands Project

With the majority of their resident monks having family in rural areas, the monastery almost immediately transformed into a hub for the distribution of aid supplies. As it quickly became clear large aid agencies weren't able to reach those in need, it was local people who knew how to get to the affected areas and were able to gather the supplies they needed in Kathmandu who sprung into action immediately, helping those most in need with the greatest effect.

Every day requests from villages in need poured into their office to be screened and researched by the projects coordinators to ensure they were legitimate, whilst prioritising those with the most severe needs. Once accepted trucks were loaded with emergency aid supplies to suit their needs before heading out on long incredibly challenging and often dangerous journeys to reach those in need.

Himalayan Peoples Project - Nepal have been a substantial amount of sponsorship for some of the shelters and food provided by the monastery as well as the transportation to get it to the villages effected. Beth, our CEO who was in Nepal when both earthquakes struck accompanied the team on a relief trip to Gorkha district, the epicentre of the first earthquake. You can read about her eye opening experiences here

Photos: Shelter and food supplies distributed in Thame

Himalayan Peoples Project - Nepal fortunately have connections with local people and individuals in Kathmandu who were able to coordinate a relief response which we helped sponsor alongside two other organisations providing shelter, one months food supply and helicopters to transport them to the remote area. People of the upper Solu Khumbu area across sixteen different villages and settlements were supplied with the the food and shelter they need to survive.

Photos: Destruction in Thame.

Everybody at Himalayan Peoples Project - Nepal and all our local partners in Nepal would like to extend a massive heart felt thank you to every single one of our incredible donors and supporters for their amazingly generous contributions during our emergency earthquake response, whether it was monetary, hosting a fundraiser or spreading the word.

Without your contributions we wouldn't have been able to offer support to the inspiring, resilient and brave people of Nepal. With an incredible total of £26,000 raised we were able to put a significant amount of it into funding emergency aid whilst keeping some aside to help rebuild homes and peoples lives for the future.

We were able to safely bring your money into Nepal to be used to fund local initiatives who carefully researched effected communities, discovering what each needed before sourcing local materials and food which they delivered to the communities themselves.

Completed: Thame food and shelter project.

Situated in the Upper Solu Khumbu valley near Everest, Thame and surrounding villages were badly effected by the first earthquake and some completely destroyed by the second. At 3,800m altitude life is incredibly tough in normal circumstances now made almost impossible by the earthquakes.

There are countless remote communities such as these who were left with no shelter to protect them through the impending monsoon, no electricity, disrupted communications and dwindling food supplies. 




Photos: Destruction in Rolwaling