Drug Awareness

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Drug and Alcohol addiction is a serious problem amongst the youth of Nepal with approximately 28% of children in the country regularly using drugs or drinking dangerous amounts of alcohol. Despite this, drug awareness sessions feature in only an extremely limited number of Nepalese schools. Children have little or no understanding of what drugs and alcohol are, how addictive they can be or what long-lasting physical and psychological damage they can cause.

Hope and Challenge are aiming to change this by running drug awareness sessions in schools. These involve a film explaining the nature of drugs and alcohol, the problems of addiction and how to avoid falling into its trap as well as giving the children a chance to speak with people who used to struggle with addiction for a more personal insight and to discuss any problems they might have.

This is an incredibly valuable service being provided at a time when children are still dealing with the psychological scars of the earthquakes of early 2015 and the long-lasting uncertainties its caused in many young people's lives. Many schools are requesting presentations but funding is limited.

One session costs just £12 which covers general expenses and a small wage for those talking to the children.

​If you would like to help these children avoid falling into a life of addiction please consider supporting this project.

Awareness video, version one (currently being revised)