Looking for a relaxing long weekend of sailing mixed with yoga and meditation? The Amazing Natalia Duke of Key West Yoga in Florida, USA has just the thing for you! Natalia is a wonderful friend and supporter of Himalayan Peoples Project - Nepal, so each retreat provides a donation covering a whole year of school fees, uniform and school books for a child in Nepal.

So not only will you get to enjoy a long weekend of sailing, relaxation, snorkelling, meditation and yoga; you'll also help a child receive a life changing education. How amazing! 

Natalia and her father John run the retreats from his schooner throughout the year so if you're in the area, get yourselves signed up for an amazing weekend in support of our Education Scholarship Program.

Check out the website for more details and to sign up for the next amazing opportunity to join Natalia and John on the Dream Catcher schooner.

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