About Us

We are a small UK-based charity recognised by HMRC, passionate about helping those in Nepal who are most in need. Approaching development in an empowering and sustainable way is extremely important to us, encapsulating how we operate as a charity

We don't advocate taking power from communities in need, something which often happens as charities offer their support through financial means, leading to a long-term dependence on money from western countries. If this support ceases (which often happens) the positive work is unable to continue creating a culture of dependence, need and uncertainty.

We recognise local people have the capacity to help themselves and their communities if only given the chance. Those struggling through the difficulties of living in a developing country often have an incredible drive and inspiring visions of how to help their communities.

We believe successful projects much approach issues in a holistic way. For example, health issues can come from a combination of a lack of health facilities, low income, environmental factors such as cooking methods & housing, lack of awareness & education. To tackle the overall problem (poor health) each of the contributing factors must be addressed to successfully improve the problem on a long term basis. By only addressing one, preventable health issues are likely to return.

We supply the finances, resources and skills needed in a way which helps communities tackle their problems, allowing them to grow and improve together whilst boosting confidence and enabling them to continue their work into the future without our help. We celebrate the strengths of communities in need whilst supporting and helping them lessen their weaknesses.

Our success is measured by the functionality of a project once we have withdrawn our input, leaving it to be run under the leadership of the local community. We formulate exit plans from the beginning of out input into a project, laying down a clear vision alongside the community involved for how we will eventually step away.

We hope yoyu will help us help others by joining our supporters in any way you can. Please contact us for further information on how you might be able to help or donate here if you wish.